Software Skills

I am proficient in software such as Blender3D, Solidworks, Substance Painter and Designer, Photoshop, Davinci and Rhino. I am a T-shaped designer with expertise in 3D Modeling Topology field and game design.

Programming Skills

One of my latest goals in the world of design was the development of video games. So I had to learn C++ programming language. In addition, I noticed that the Blender software (my main software) is based on the Python programming language. So, in order to understand it better and get deeper into the process of this programming language, I added it to my learning. In addition, I designed the website you are on now with the help of HTML and CSS!
I think the secret of progress is to try to learn everything we need by ourselves!

Photography is one of my hobbies. Of course, a hobby in the field of design! I think photography helps a lot in improving the designer's vision and attention to detail.


Like many other designers, I try to earn money with my art and skills. I work as a freelancer with individuals or companies…


Years of Experience


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Finished Projects


Achieved awards and degrees




I am also passionate about teamwork and love working with professional teams. I thrive on challenges and have a plan for every second of my life and career. I believe that every project is an opportunity to learn something new and improve my skills as an artist and designer. I am always up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry and believe that there is no limit to what we can achieve if we put our minds to it. If you are looking for someone who is dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about design and art, then look no further. I am excited to work with you on your next project.

Awards and Degrees

I won other sports and related awards that I did not mention here...
For example, 2 times the Iron prize of the IDA Design competition