Redesigning a childhood dream

I have always tried to follow my childhood dreams throughout my life. A large part of who I am today and what I am looking for was formed by this series. Fantastic Need for speed franchise. Today, after 20 years, I am going to redesign some of the titles of this game series in order to relive my childhood and learn something from this game as a designer. From designing body kits to environmental design and game developing.
This project will be a long term project and this page will be updated.


About Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed: Underground 2 is the eighth title in the Need for Speed series, released in 2004. It builds upon the success of its predecessor, Need for Speed: Underground, by introducing free roam gameplay. Set in the fictional city of Bayview, the game allows players to explore the streets, find sponsors, and compete against rivals. Unlike the linear race-to-race progression of the original, Underground 2 offers a more open-world experience, where players can immerse themselves in urban car culture and customization.


Before | After

Here you can see a comparison between the solid view and final render (Color corrected).


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