2003 – Nissan 350Z Underground 2 Livery

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2003 – Nissan 350Z Underground 2 Livery

Key Features:

  • UV Unwrapped: Every contour meticulously mapped for realism.
  • Fully Rigged: Ready to come alive in your digital world.
  • Game-Ready: Whether it’s a retro racing game or a cinematic scene, this vehicle is set to steal the show.


Modeling: Blender3D

Textures: Blender3D

Livery: Adobe Photoshop (PSD)

Compatibility with the *game engines* ✅


| UV Unwrapped

| Livery Included as a PNG + PSD File

| Full Interior

| Type: Mid-Poly

| Fully Rigged (Available in both rigged and normal version)

| Game-Ready

| Tris: 600.803

| Verts: 367.318


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