Acrylic Paint – Blue [600] – 100ml

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Unleash Your Creativity with Every Hue

Premium Acrylic Paints Now Available!

Welcome to a world where color knows no bounds, and your imagination is the only limit. Our premium diluted acrylic paints are meticulously crafted to bring vibrancy and life to every stroke of your brush. Available in a stunning array of colors, our paints come in convenient sizes of 50ml100ml200ml500ml, and 1 liter to suit all your artistic needs. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, our paints are designed to provide smooth coverage and a lasting finish that will make your artwork stand out. Dive into the spectrum of possibilities and let your creativity flow with our exquisite colors.

  • Paint Type: Diluted Acrylic

  • Volume: 100ml

  • Suitable for canvas painting, action figure coloring etc.

  • High pigment concentration

  • Smooth application

  • Cost-effective

  • Long-lasting

  • Easy to mix

  • Extensive coverage

Kitsune By Mahan Rasouli

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