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Bastion Figure

Made by Kitsune


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Size: 10-30 cm
Articulation Points: ❌
Accessories: ❌
Packaging: Window Box
Edition: –
Release Date: 2024
Preparation time: 3-5 work days

The Last Bastion

Background: Bastion, an omnic combatant, was once built for war. However, after the war ended, one unique Bastion unit suffered severe damage and was left forgotten for over a decade. It lay dormant, rusting, and exposed to the elements. Nature slowly reclaimed it, with vines and roots overgrowing its metal frame. Small animals nested upon it, and it seemed unaware of the passage of time.

Awakening: One day, deep in the wilderness near Gothenburg, Sweden, Bastion unexpectedly reactivated. Its systems came to life, and it began to explore its surroundings. The once-dead automaton now wandered, driven by curiosity about the world and a desire to leave its horrifying past behind.

Configurations: Bastion possessed a unique ability: the power to transform between three configurations:

  1. Recon Mode: In this form, Bastion was fully mobile, equipped with a submachine gun that fired steady bursts of bullets at medium range. It allowed Bastion to move freely and adapt to changing battlefield conditions.
  2. Assault Mode: Bastion transformed into a slow-moving tank armed with a powerful rotary cannon. Its devastating firepower made it a formidable force on the battlefield.
  3. Artillery Mode: In this configuration, Bastion became a stationary siege cannon, capable of dealing massive damage from a fixed position. It could rain destruction upon enemies but remained vulnerable to attacks from behind.

Journey of Discovery: As Bastion explored the world, it encountered both beauty and danger. It witnessed the wonders of nature—the rustling leaves, the scent of flowers, and the play of sunlight. Yet, it also faced threats—from other omnics, humans, and the remnants of war. Despite its past, Bastion sought understanding and connection.

Binary: During its travels, Bastion encountered a curious bird. The bird perched on its shoulder, and the two formed an unlikely companionship. Bastion learned to communicate with the bird through binary beeps and whistles. Together, they shared moments of peace and companionship, bridging the gap between machine and nature.

Upgrades: Bastion made modifications to its systems, enhancing its abilities. Repair protocols allowed it to heal itself, and its newfound companionship gave it purpose. It no longer sought destruction but instead sought to protect and understand.

Blizzard World: In a twist of fate, Bastion found itself in Blizzard World, an amusement park celebrating the games and stories of the past. Here, it discovered echoes of its own existence—the remnants of battles, the memories of heroes, and the joy of play. Perhaps, in this strange place, Bastion could find a new purpose.

And so, Bastion’s journey continues—a quest for redemption, understanding, and connection. Whether as a wandering omnic or a guardian of newfound friends, Bastion’s story unfolds in a world where war and wonder coexist.

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