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Mandalorian & Yuda Figure

Made by Kitsune


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Size: 10-30 cm
Articulation Points: ❌
Accessories: ❌
Packaging: Window Box
Edition: –
Release Date: 2024
Preparation time: 3-5 work days


Name: Din Djarin (commonly known as “The Mandalorian”) Species: Human Homeworld: Unknown Affiliation: The Mandalorian Creed, Bounty Hunters’ Guild


Din Djarin, a stoic and battle-hardened warrior, hails from a mysterious past. His childhood was marked by conflict and chaos during the Clone Wars. Separatist forces ravaged his home planet, leaving scars that shaped his destiny. Rescued by a clan of Mandalorian warriors, Din was inducted into their ranks, adopting their creed: “This is the way.”

As a foundling, Din was raised by the Mandalorians, learning their customs, combat techniques, and unwavering loyalty to the helmeted code. His armor, forged from beskar steel, became both his protection and identity. The Mandalorian’s face remained hidden, a testament to his commitment to the creed.

Din’s life took a fateful turn when he accepted a high-risk bounty assignment: retrieve a mysterious “asset” from the remnants of the Empire. That asset turned out to be a vulnerable, green-skinned child—Grogu, later affectionately known as “The Child” or “Baby Yoda.” Din’s protective instincts awakened, and he defied his guild to safeguard the innocent.

Throughout his journey, Din faced adversaries—ruthless Imperials, rival bounty hunters, and even former allies. Yet, his bond with Grogu deepened, revealing a softer side beneath the Mandalorian armor. He grappled with questions about his own identity, torn between duty and compassion.


Name: Yuda Species: Enigmatic Alien (Unknown Origin) Occupation: Wanderer, Seeker of Ancient Knowledge


Yuda emerged from the cosmic fringes—an enigma wrapped in starlight. His origins remained shrouded, whispered only in cryptic tales across distant galaxies. Some claimed he was a celestial traveler, traversing realms beyond mortal comprehension. Others believed him to be a forgotten deity, cast adrift in the cosmic currents.

Yuda’s appearance defied categorization. His skin shimmered like nebulae, shifting hues with each heartbeat. Eyes, twin galaxies, held secrets older than time itself. His elongated fingers traced constellations in the air, invoking forgotten spells and forgotten memories.

Driven by insatiable curiosity, Yuda sought ancient knowledge—the primordial truths etched into cosmic tapestries. He wandered desolate planets, deciphering glyphs on crumbling obelisks, communing with spectral sages, and unraveling cosmic riddles. His quest transcended mere survival; it was a cosmic pilgrimage.

Yet, Yuda was not immune to mortal emotions. Beneath his cosmic veneer, he harbored loneliness—a longing for connection. Perhaps that’s why he crossed paths with the Mandalorian. Their destinies intertwined, two cosmic wanderers—one bound by honor, the other by curiosity—set forth across the galactic expanse.

And so, the Mandalorian and Yuda embarked on a shared odyssey, their paths converging in starlit taverns, ancient temples, and forgotten hyperspace lanes. Together, they navigated treacherous voids, seeking answers to questions whispered by the cosmos itself.

In the vastness of the galaxy, their stories intertwined—a Mandalorian with a heart hidden beneath beskar, and an otherworldly seeker with galaxies in his gaze. Legends would remember their names, etching them into the cosmic chronicles: Din Djarin and Yuda, bound by fate and fueled by the luminous mysteries of the universe.

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