React Xbox Skin

React |Xbox Skin inspired by RB6 Videogame

This Xbox skin is inspired by Rainbow Six extraction video game . In this game, there is an invasion of a space parasite that transforms into different forms and attacks humans to use their resources. All the surfaces of the ground, walls, etc. are covered with this parasite and the only way to clean it is to use a special laser that is connected to the lower part of the gun.

Mood Board

Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six


Ready for anything

Xbox Series Gamepad

Controller of the worlds | Xbox Series Gamepad

Among all the products in the world, I am most interested in gamepads. Because they are a product by which you can control different worlds (Video games) and have thousands of different experiences

Mood Board

Game Wallpaper
Math Effect
Plymouth Roadrunner
Game Wallpaper

XBOX Series Gamepad

Controller of the worlds

Correction + VFX

Here, I tried to make color corrections with the help of Adobe Premiere and connect different videos together, and of course I also added the background music

XBOX Gamepad

New Field

This is my very first animation I ever made in 3D world
I have to say I had a lot of fun doing this, I will do more of this in the future

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