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Despite this volume of products in the speaker category, it seems that they are a popular product. So this is a good opportunity to transform these products from this lifeless from into products that make the user give feedback
How can this be achieved? Let’s check

Mood Board


A new way to control

In this speaker, the goal is to receive movement feedback from the user. Therefore, after the speaker is turned on by the middle button, it will start playing music. This speaker consists of three rows. The middle row is the mechanism holder, the top row is for volume settings, and the bottom row is for changing the track being played

The volume of this speaker can be increased or decreased by changing the rotation of the upper row. Full 360 degree rotation means maximum speaker power

The bottom row will also switch the track forward or backward for every 90 degrees of rotation. Another control with the
bottom row is that any angle between 0 and 90 degrees will advance or backward
music playback
and at last you can pause the music with shaking the speaker and to play it again you have to shake again

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