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Nissan 240SX

In this project, I planned to completely simulate the restoration process of a car, which is a Nissan 240SX, in the digital world.

is short film starts with an abandoned car on the corner of a street and ends with an upgraded and beautiful car

The software used in this project was Blender, and I also used DaVinci software to put together the plans and color correction, which was my first experience using this software.

Mood Board

Japan Flag
Japanese Car

Black Samurai is back

It’s not just about a car, it’s about memories, it’s about love

Cycles Vs EEVEE

These are two Blender rendering engines that are designed for different purposes. Here, we will examine the differences between the two rendering engines in completely equal environmental and lighting conditions.

Nissan 240SX Nissan 240SX

And this is the final result

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