Ana Captain Figure

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Ana Captain Figure

Made by Kitsune


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Size: 10-30 cm
Articulation Points: ❌
Accessories: ❌
Packaging: Window Box
Edition: –
Release Date: 2024
Preparation time: 3-5 work days

Ana Amari, an elite Egyptian sniper, was a founding member of the original Overwatch task force. Alongside other legendary heroes like Soldier: 76, Reaper, Torbjorn, and Reinhardt, Ana played a pivotal role in ending the first Omnic Crisis, saving the world from chaos. Her sharpshooting skills were unmatched, and her unwavering dedication to protecting others drove her actions on the battlefield.

But Ana’s story goes beyond her combat prowess. She is also the mother of Fareeha Amari, better known as the hero Pharah. Despite her own involvement in Overwatch, Ana hoped that Pharah wouldn’t follow in her footsteps. She wanted to shield her daughter from the dangers of this world-saving organization.

However, Ana’s life took a tragic turn. During a mission, she had Widowmaker—the notorious Talon assassin—squarely in her sights. But hesitation cost her dearly. Widowmaker retaliated, shooting Ana through her scope. The bullet left her mortally wounded, and she lost her eye in the process. Ana now wears an eye patch where her aiming eye used to be, and her vision is cybernetically enhanced, making her an ace sniper even with her injury.

Despite her near-death experience, Ana has returned to the fray. Her unwavering commitment to protecting her country, family, and closest allies drives her forward. She embodies the trope of a protective mother, affectionately referred to as “Mama Bear” by her fellow agents. Her in-game voice lines reflect this nurturing side, with phrases like “Need someone to tuck you in?” and “Mother knows best.”

So, Ana Amari stands as a testament to resilience, sacrifice, and the unyielding spirit of Overwatch’s heroes. She’s not just a soldier; she’s a mother, a survivor, and a symbol of hope in a world teetering on the edge of chaos.

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