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Ashe Figure

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Size: 10-30 cm
Articulation Points: ❌
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Packaging: Window Box
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Release Date: 2024
Preparation time: 3-5 work days

Ashe, also known as Elizabeth Caledonia “Calamity” Ashe, is an ambitious and calculating leader. She is the head of the Deadlock Gang, a notorious group of arms-trafficking outlaws in the Overwatch universe. Let’s delve into her intriguing backstory:


Ashe was born into a wealthy family, surrounded by privilege. Her parents were highly sought-after business consultants and coaches for powerful CEOs around the world. However, Ashe was never content with a life of luxury. She craved adventure, danger, and the thrill of rebellion.

The Omnic Crisis

During the Omnic Crisis, Ashe witnessed the chaos and destruction caused by the rogue omnics. This pivotal event shaped her worldview and ignited her desire to challenge authority and fight for her own destiny.


Ashe’s rebellious spirit led to conflict with her family. When she was disowned by her parents, she embraced her newfound freedom. She roamed the American Southwest, honing her skills as a sharpshooter and forming connections with other outcasts.

Graduation Day

Ashe’s path crossed with that of Jesse McCree, another legendary gunslinger. The two formed an unlikely bond, sharing stories of their adventures and dreams of a wilder, lawless world.

The Deadlock Gang

Ashe’s defining moment came when she founded the Deadlock Gang. She united various criminal factions across the Southwest, convincing them to work together under her leadership. The once-wild West was reborn, and Ashe’s legend began to spread.

Partner in Crime

Ashe’s right-hand companion is B.O.B., a massive omnic butler with a mustache and a penchant for destruction. B.O.B. is fiercely loyal to Ashe, and their partnership is both formidable and entertaining.

The First Heist

The Deadlock Gang’s first major heist involved stealing a cache of military-grade weapons. Ashe’s strategic mind and sharpshooting skills ensured their success, cementing her reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Showdown at The Hopper

Ashe clashed with rival gangs, law enforcement, and even other Overwatch heroes. One memorable showdown took place at The Hopper, a remote desert outpost. Ashe’s quick thinking and resourcefulness allowed her to outwit her adversaries.


Ashe’s past caught up with her when an old acquaintance, Siren, resurfaced. Their history was fraught with betrayal and secrets. Ashe had to make difficult choices to protect her gang and maintain her position.

Birthday Girl

On her birthday, Ashe faced a life-altering decision. She chose loyalty to her gang over personal desires, solidifying her commitment to the Deadlock way of life.

The Rescue

When B.O.B. was captured, Ashe risked everything to save her faithful companion. Her determination and courage proved that she would do whatever it took to protect her family.

Deadlock For Life

Ashe’s loyalty to the Deadlock Gang remains unwavering. She fights for their survival, their freedom, and their place in the ever-changing world.

Criminal Enterprise

Ashe’s criminal empire continues to thrive, and her legend grows. She remains a respected figure in the criminal underworld, feared by enemies and admired by those who share her rebellious spirit.


Ashe’s story intertwines with the larger Overwatch narrative. Her encounters with former allies and adversaries reveal deeper connections and hidden agendas.

In summary, Ashe is more than just a gunslinger; she’s a symbol of defiance, ambition, and the untamed spirit of the American Southwest. Her journey from privilege to outlaw leader is a testament to her resilience and determination.

Image source: Overwatch Wiki


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