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Bloodhound Figure from Apex Legends video game
Made by Kitsune

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Size: 10-30 cm
Articulation Points: ❌
Accessories: ❌
Packaging: Window Box
Edition: –
Release Date: 2024
Preparation time: 3-5 work days

Bloodhound: The Spiritual Hunter

Real Name: Blóðhundr Nickname: Houndy (by Fuse) Gender: Non-binary Pronouns: They/them Age: 40 Relatives: Johann (father, deceased), Brigida (mother, deceased), Artur (uncle, deceased), Boone (ex-boyfriend, deceased), Walter Fitzroy Jr. (partner) Homeworld: Talos Occupation: Hunter Status: Alive


The enigmatic hunter known as Bloodhound was born in the year 2695 on the planet Talos. Their parents, Johann and Brigida, were engineers working at New Dawn, a cooling plant that processed Branthium. The family later moved to the nearby town of World’s Edge in 2703. Brigida, a skilled mechanical engineer, had previously collaborated with Evelyn Witt.

Bloodhound’s memories of their parents are scarce, but they do recall learning how to repair broken toys from Brigida. Tragedy struck early in their life when a catastrophic flash freeze buried their home and much of World’s Edge in snow and ice. A young Bloodhound witnessed Johann’s demise as he was engulfed by an avalanche.

After losing their parents, Bloodhound was adopted by their uncle, Artur, who belonged to a tribe that vehemently rejected technology. In this tribe, anything more advanced than a lightbulb was forbidden. Artur trained Bloodhound in the Old Ways, a belief system seemingly adapted from Norse mythology.

The Trial

At the age of 30, Bloodhound faced a pivotal trial for full acceptance into the tribe. Armed with nothing but a small axe and their unwavering faith in the Old Ways, they embarked on a hunt for a formidable creature—a Prowler. However, upon reaching the creature’s lair, they discovered it already slain by an even greater beast lurking in an old industrial tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, Bloodhound stumbled upon a Charge Rifle, a relic of advanced technology. Intrigued, they played with it, unaware that their actions would have consequences. The Goliath—a fearsome creature—resided within, and Bloodhound’s curiosity triggered its wrath. In a panic, they fired the Charge Rifle, severing one of the Goliath’s horns and seemingly killing the beast.

But Artur’s raven companion witnessed the encounter and flew off to reveal the truth. Bloodhound returned to the village, burying the Charge Rifle on the outskirts in an attempt to conceal it. Little did they know that their destiny was intertwined with the Apex Games.

The Apex Games

Driven by a spiritual quest, Bloodhound joined the Apex Games, seeking honor in the name of their deceased lover, Boone. Their ultimate goal: to ensure Boone’s entry into Valhalla. As a spiritual hunter, Bloodhound’s prowess in tracking and combat makes them a formidable competitor in the arena.

And so, the legend of Bloodhound continues—a mysterious figure, guided by ancient beliefs, hunting both prey and redemption across the treacherous landscapes of the Outlands.


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