Fake Crash Figure

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Fake Crash Figure

Made by Kitsune


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Size: 10-30 cm
Articulation Points: ❌
Accessories: ❌
Packaging: Window Box
Edition: –
Release Date: 2024
Preparation time: 3-5 work days

Fake Crash is a recurring character in the Crash Bandicoot series, known for being a doppelgänger of Crash Bandicoot himself. Let’s dive into his origins and appearances:

  1. Origins:
  2. Appearances:
    • Crash Bandicoot: Warped:
      • Fake Crash first appeared as an Easter egg in this game. To encounter him, players had to collect all the crystals, gems, and defeat Cortex in their save file. Once achieved, Fake Crash would appear dancing (a playful parody of Crash’s Dance) in specific levels.
      • Notable locations where you could spot Fake Crash included:
    • Crash Team Racing (CTR):
      • Fake Crash is an unlockable character in CTR. Players could unlock him by winning the Purple Gem Cup in adventure mode.
      • In the Japanese version, there’s a bonus video where Crash races against his fake counterpart. The two bandicoots display a fierce competitive streak, with Fake Crash being jealous of Crash’s fame and success. Ultimately, they are evenly matched in speed and bad luck.
    • Crash Bash (Japanese version):
  3. Characteristics:

And there you have it—the quirky backstory of Fake Crash, the bandicoot with a toothy grin and a penchant for dancing!

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