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Wrecking Ball Figure

Made by Kitsune


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Size: 10-30 cm
Articulation Points: ❌
Accessories: ❌
Packaging: Window Box
Edition: –
Release Date: 2024
Preparation time: 3-5 work days

Wrecking Ball, also known as Hammond, is a brilliant and resourceful hamster who pilots a massive, weaponized mech in the popular game Overwatch. His backstory is an intriguing mix of scientific experimentation, escape, and survival.

Backstory: The Escape Artist

In the sprawling lunar colony of Horizon, scientists conducted groundbreaking experiments on genetically modified animals. Among them was Hammond, a highly intelligent hamster who had been genetically enhanced to think and reason like a human. Kept in a sterile lab, he spent his days solving puzzles, navigating mazes, and learning from the researchers.

But Hammond was no ordinary hamster. His curiosity knew no bounds, and he yearned for freedom beyond the cold metal walls of his cage. He secretly tinkered with the colony’s technology, modifying his own enclosure and studying the other animals. His closest companion was a fellow test subject—a genetically altered gorilla named Winston.

As the experiments continued, Hammond grew increasingly restless. He dreamed of escaping to the outside world, where he could explore, invent, and live on his terms. His tiny paws worked tirelessly, constructing a makeshift escape pod from spare parts. He named it “Wrecking Ball”—a nod to both his destructive potential and his desire to break free.

One fateful night, Hammond seized his chance. He overpowered the guards, disabled the security systems, and launched Wrecking Ball into the vastness of space. The pod hurtled toward Earth, its onboard AI guiding it through the atmosphere. Hammond held his breath as flames licked the hull, but the pod’s heat shields held.

Crash Landing and Reinvention

Wrecking Ball crash-landed in the Australian Outback, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Hammond emerged from the wreckage, disoriented but alive. The harsh desert landscape stretched before him, and he realized that he was free—for the first time in his life.

He scavenged parts from the pod, transforming it into a formidable mech. Wrecking Ball became his new identity—a rolling, spherical war machine armed with twin quad cannons, grappling hooks, and adaptive shielding. Hammond reveled in his newfound power, using it to survive in the lawless wasteland.

But he wasn’t alone. The Junkertown gang ruled the Outback, and they saw potential in Wrecking Ball. They welcomed him into their ranks, impressed by his engineering skills and combat prowess. Hammond adapted, donning a makeshift mask to conceal his true identity. Under the alias of “Hammond,” he became a feared gladiator in the Scrapyard arena.

The Call to Overwatch

As rumors of Overwatch’s resurgence spread, Hammond’s curiosity was piqued. He had heard of the organization’s mission to restore peace and protect the world. Perhaps here, among heroes and outcasts, he could find purpose beyond survival.

Disguised as Wrecking Ball, he joined the fray. His mech’s agility surprised opponents, and his strategic mind made him an asset. But deep down, Hammond wrestled with conflicting emotions. Was he a hero or a fugitive? Could he ever truly belong?

As the battles raged, Hammond’s loyalty wavered. He longed for connection—to find others who understood his struggle. And perhaps, just perhaps, he could reveal his true self—the brilliant hamster who defied fate, escaped a lunar prison, and rolled into battle as Wrecking Ball.

And so, the legend of Wrecking Ball continues—a fusion of scientific genius, survival instinct, and the unyielding desire for freedom. Whether he fights for justice or merely his own survival, one thing remains certain: Hammond’s journey is far from over.

This backstory is a fictional creation inspired by the lore of Overwatch. The official game lore may differ.

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