How to buy from UniBlend using Crypto

In this Quick tutorial, I’m going to show you how to buy from the store using cryptocurrency

1. Installing a wallet (If you don’t have one, yet)

Go to this link in Chrome web store and download Trust Wallet. This wallet is one of the many options you can download

Trust Wallet

2. Choose your product from the store and click “Add to cart”

3. Click on the cart icon in the header and click “Proceed to checkout”

 4. Fill in required information and then Click On “Go to cryptopy”

This is a cryptocurrency getaway that I used for transactions

5. Now final check your order and click “Connect Wallet”

6. you can use Trust, Metamask, Binance Wallet or click “Wallet Connect” to choosing your preferred wallet

7. After connecting the wallet, you can choose the Currency
(Network fee may vary for different currencies)

The equivalent figure of your selected digital currency is calculated in relation to the product price and displayed on the blue button. Here, the product price is 39 dollars, which is equivalent to 39 Tether (USDT)

8. Now click on the blue button and confirm the transaction in your wallet

Your order has submitted successfully, and now you can access your product


 (Without Connecting Wallet) Alternative Way

In this way, I’ll show how you can buy and transfer crypto to a digital wallet without connecting your wallet. In this example I’m using Trust wallet but you use any other wallet you prefer.


1. Install Trust wallet on your phone or browser



2. Buy crypto

Buy crypto in Trust Wallet

Click on Buy

Select your preferred crypto

Enter the amount and click on next –  then you will select your credit card and confirming the purchase





3. Send Crypto

Sending Crypto using Trust wallet

Click on Send

 Select the crypto and enter the amount you want to transfer

Enter the wallet address I gave you

click confirm


Congratulations and thank you for choosing UniBlend

If you need any help, please E-mail me at “” and don’t forget that I’m just a message away 🙂

Wallet Addresses



Polygon Matic:

Tether – ETH – ERC20:

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